I am never without service, if there has ever been a problem, I can call EdgeWire, and it is fixed within the hour. They are willing to come out and help me with any updates or issues, they have even worked with my Corporate Company to make sure all my programs work correctly. If you want Customer Service and a firm that will CARE about your business as much as you do then EdgeWire Digital is your home.

Susie Serio Executive Director
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Not being IT savvy we have always had a great response to any problems that have arisen.

Anthony Crowe Grissom Service Company

We have entrusted our IT department to Edgewire Digital Services for over 7 years. They help to manage and stabilize our IT department, provide assistance maintaining a secure EHR and also conduct Security Risk Assessments for MU. The customer service and response times with Edgewire Digital is outstanding as well- I can pick up the phone and have a real person anytime. I trust them to do the right thing for my company and look forward to a long partnership with them.

Erin Fisher Practice Manager
Shelby Dermatology PC